Trane vs. Goodman HVAC Systems: Which is Better?


HVAC- heating, ventilation, and air conditioning- systems are complex. There are a ton of small, unseen factors that go into creating them. Each of these seemingly minute details is what work together to create an effective and quality air conditioning service. With that said, there are a ton of options, and picking one can be really overwhelming. What features should you on the lookout for? Who has the best customer service? Details like these can paralyze you into indecision.

We’re here to help. To get started, there are two major players in the HVAC space: Trane and Goodman. There are other options, but these two companies stand out from the pack in almost every way. Each service has unique advantages and disadvantages, and one isn’t tremendously better than the other. We have our favorite, however, and in the coming article, we’re going to be breaking down exactly which one of the two titans takes the place in our minds as the best HVAC system available.


Trane has a ton of things going for it as a service. A laundry list of wonderful features, excellent contact options, and a well-designed product. Let’s get started on breaking down what makes Trane such a standout HVAC provider.

The communication features available with Trane are second to none. Contacting customer service and repair people is a fast, intuitive process with little stress involved. The user interface gets you connected with service agents at a breakneck pace.


Also included is charge assist, a life-saver of a feature that removes periods of inactivity found in most HVAC models. With charge assist, you system accumulate power as it operates, ensuring it can be used all Summer long. This feature is game-changing, and its something we hope the competition adopts moving forward.

That isn’t all there is to Trane systems, however. Trane also has patented technology that matches the inside temperature with that outside, a process that guarantees a consistent, comfortable climate no matter where you are in your home. This feature does wonders in creating a more comfortable living environment, and its one of our favorite things about the service.

Overall, Trane gets a glowing review from us.


Goodman Hvac
Goodman products are no slouch, either. With great communication systems, you will be able to contact support at a similarly quick pace when compared to Trane options. There is a catch, however: Unlike with Trane, this feature will cost extra with Goodman systems. Boo! Additionally, Goodman systems have no charging capabilities, which means there will be limited downtime.


It’s not all bad with Goodman, however. There a reason the HVAC provider is considered one of the best in the business, after all. The overall quality of Goodman HVAC systems is insane and in some cases more consistent than even its more lauded competitors.

Which do we prefer?

Overall, Trane gets our vote for the best HVAC technology. The service provides the best value, feature set, and customer support. If you’re looking for the best HVAC service provider out there, we recommend Trane systems over the competition.