6 Most Efficient Ways To Pack Your Bedroom Before Moving


Moving to a new location can become stressful, but at Matco Moving in Canada, we want to make the process easier.

Bedroom Preparation Tip 1: Get Rid Of the Clutter In Your Bedroom


You may have a bedroom that is filled with clutter, especially when it has a desk for studying. The nightstand in your bedroom might have a stack of newspapers, magazines or mail that you need to sort through, and the closets in your bedroom may have garments that you haven’t worn in ten years or longer. Bring a wastebasket to your room so that you can fill it with the clutter that is in the nightstand and desk.

Bedroom Preparation Tip 2: Washing Garments Before Moving

Washing Garments

It is a good idea to wash soiled garments before moving because the dirt will seep into the fabrics when the item is packed. After washing and drying garments, decide if you want to fold it to store it inside a plastic tote. Alternatively, you may need to place clothing on hangers so that you can move the garments in a portable moving closet.

Bedroom Preparation Tip 3: Sort Through Bedroom Linens

Bedroom Linens

If you have a lot of bedroom linens, then you should inspect the items before packing the blankets, pillows and sheets. When you have old sheets and blankets, you can discard or donate the items, but you can also use these soft linens to wrap breakable things. While folding linens, squeeze out as much air as possible to make the items more compact for storage in a plastic tote.

Bedroom Preparation Tip 4: Clean Your Bedroom’s Furniture

 Bedroom's Furniture

You won’t want to take the time to clean furniture on moving day, so you complete this task several days before the movers arrive. Remove everything from the drawers so that you can wash the inside of the item, and also, dust the boards where the drawers slide in and out. Move the furniture from the wall so that you can clean its back and sides in addition to the front.

Bedroom Preparation Tip 5: Prepare the Bedroom’s Accessories

If you have decorative items or extra lamps in your bedroom, then you can prepare these items by washing or dusting the figurines, picture frames or lampshades. Packing a lampshade properly will protect it from damage, so you should wrap it in tissue paper in addition to cushioning it with additional paper. Place the lamp’s base in a different box after wrapping it with newspaper, and place packing material around it to prevent breakage.

Bedroom Preparation Tip 6: Request Mattress and Box Spring Boxes


Make sure to have tools so that you can take a bed’s frame apart. Have a container to hold screws and fasteners so that you won’t lose the items during the moving process. You will want to have special boxes for your box spring and mattress to protect the fabric and the springs from damage. With durable boxes, you won’t need to worry about any damage from dirt.