Three Signs It Is Time to Call an Electrician to Your Home


Some homeowners enjoy taking a do-it-yourself approach to home repairs and maintenance, but there are some tasks that require the professional skills of an expert. This is particularly true with matters related to your home’s electrical system. The electrical system in a home can seem complex, and when not repaired correctly, it can cause a house fire or personal injury. There are some basic steps that you can take to try to fix a broken electrical feature, such as flipping or replacing the fuse in the circuit breaker box. However, beyond this, there are some signs that you may notice that indicate a definite need to call a professional electrician for assistance.

Your Outlet Does Not Work
Outlets can stop working for a wide range of reasons. They are most commonly fixed by replacing or flipping a fuse, but when this does not work, it typically means that there are more significant issues. For example, the wire may have gotten chewed by a rodent who lives in the walls of the home, or the outlet may have simply grown old and damaged through wear and tear. You may have several outlets in your home that do not work currently, and you can easily correct the problem through the services of electrical contractors.

Your Lights Flicker
In some homes, the lights may flicker periodically. In some cases, this is caused by the electricity supply provided by the energy company. However, in most cases, the electricity supply is adequate, and the main problem lies with the home’s circuit breaker. For example, the circuit breaker may not be supplying adequate power to the home. In rare cases, an older home may have faulty wiring, and the entire home may need to be re-wired.

Your Fuses Are Blown Frequently
It is normal for a fuse to break periodically, but when you notice that your fuses trip numerous times over the course of a month or when the same fuse keeps tripping, this is a sign that an electrician needs to visit the home. This is most commonly caused by an appliance or electrical product that uses up too much energy. The electrician typically needs to add a new circuit line that is separately used to supply the appliance or electrical product in question with its own stream of electricity.

Professional services from electrical contractors are most commonly used for repair work, but they can also be used to help you enhance your home. For example, an electrician can install new lighting in a dark area of the home or may change the fixtures to dress up your interior. He or she can also assist with outdoor landscaping projects, running wiring to a new area of the home after an addition has been built and more. If you need repair or upgrading work done to your electrical system, now is a great time to call electrical contractors for assistance.