3 Benefits of Getting a Roofing Inspection When Buying a Home


The roof of a home is one of the most important as well as most costly structural components on the property. When buying a new home, you may glance up at the roof on your way into the home, but you may not give much thought to its condition unless damage is obvious. However, many types of roofing damage is not visible from the ground level or to an untrained eye. Many home buyers fail to contact roofing contractors to learn more about the condition of a roof before finalizing their buying plans, but this can be detrimental in several ways. Roofers can help you to benefit significantly when buying a new home, including through these important functions.

Understand the Condition of the Home
A basic property inspection may include a general overview of the roof, and it may mention the need for a roof repair or for work on the eavestrough, siding or other exterior components. However, a roofing contractor who is skilled, trained and licensed in this area of the home may provide you with greater insight. For example, a property inspection may tell you that there is roof damage, but a roofer may be needed to tell you if repair work or a full replacement are needed to improve the condition of the home to a satisfactory level.

Negotiate With the Seller for Roof Repair Work
When you become aware of the need for roof repair work or a replacement, you can negotiate with the seller to have this work completed before closing. In some cases, such as if a full replacement is needed and the seller does not agree to replace the roof, you may even think about backing out of the contract altogether. This can save you from having to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars in roofing services out of your own pocket.

Budget for Future Repair or Replacement Needs
Another benefit associated with getting a full roofing inspection completed before you take ownership of the property is the ability to budget for needed repairs. The last thing you want is to be surprised by unexpected repairs, and you can gain considerable knowledge about the current condition of the roof as well as siding and other components through an inspection by a licensed professional. You can learn more by visiting Cherry & Clark Roofing.

Because the roof is so important to the structural integrity of the home and because the roof can be costly to repair or replace, it is wise to learn as much as possible about its condition before you purchase a new home. Through an inspection completed by a licensed roofer, you can get information that can be used to negotiate with the seller or to prepare your budget for upcoming repair costs.