Storing and Maintaining Your Outdoor Furniture


If you’re a homeowner who is lucky enough to have a large yard, furniture is a great way to make this outdoor space usable. However, keeping your outdoor furniture clean and looking good can be challenging. Here are a few tips that you can use to ensure that you get the most out of your outdoor furniture.

Cleaning and Drying Furniture

While it’s true that outdoor furniture is designed to stand up to the elements, you still have to do your part to protect it. This involves keeping it clean and dry as well as limiting the amount of time it’s exposed to the sun. When you’re not using outdoor cushions, remember to store them in a shed or box. This not only keeps them clean but also protects them from the sun. If your cushions are wet, let them dry first to avoid the growth of mildew and mold.

Winter Storage

You probably won’t use your outdoor furniture very often during the winter. To help prolong its life, put it in storage during this time. If you don’t have a shed where you can store your furniture, cover it with a tarp, and securely tie it down. Before putting your furniture into storage, clean it thoroughly.

Metal Furniture

Metal is a popular choice for outside furniture because it stands up well to the elements. However, even metal furniture needs to be cleaned and protected. You should wash each surface of your metal furniture with detergent and water every few months. Use a brush to scrub off all of the dirt and grime. Look for signs of oxidation or rust while you’re cleaning. If you find any, treat it with a primer, some of which feature rust-neutralizing properties. For maximum protection, apply a thin coat of car wax to protect the surface from moisture.

Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture looks great outside because of it’s made with natural materials. However, keeping it clean isn’t easy. If you notice mildew or mold growth on your wicker furniture, use a water-and-bleach solution to remove it. Once you scrub in the solution, let it sit for a few minutes before thoroughly rising it with a garden hose. If you’re preparing to store the furniture for winter, let it completely dry, or the mold will grow back.

Outdoor furniture can be expensive. You can save yourself a bit of money by caring for yours to get the maximum life out of it. The key to this is keeping it dry, out of the sun and in storage when you’re not using it. The Ace Peel Hardware and Supply website may be able to provide additional insights.