3 Special Services When Hiring Long Distance Movers


If you have already started to review the different services offered by various long distance movers, you may be well aware that these services vary substantially. While all moving companies offer basic assistance loading and unloading the truck and transporting items on the truck to your new home, the similarities with different service providers stop there. The movers who you hire should be affordable for your budget, and adding specialized services to your moving experience can inflate costs. However, some services are well worth paying for if they offer true value. By learning more about the services available, you can better plan for moving day by choosing a company that offers the best combination of services for your needs.

Packing Services
Packing is perhaps one of the more common types of special services available. While many moving companies offer it, some do not. Furthermore, some that offer to pack your belongings may not also offer unpacking services. If you are moving with little advanced notice, you may not have time available to pack and unpack your belongings on your own. Some people may simply not have the desire or the physical ability to pack everything they own.

Automotive Transportation
If you need assistance from long distance movers, you may have plans to fly to your new home rather than to drive your car cross-country. In some cases, individuals may have more vehicles than they have drivers, or they may have an antique vehicle that they do not want to put miles on. Automotive transportation can vary from company to company. Therefore, if you need to use this service, also consider inquiring about the methods used to transport the vehicle for the best overall experience.

Disassembly and Setup Services
Some people may have no trouble packing and unpacking boxes for smaller items in their home, but they may not be comfortable disconnecting the TV wires or computer wires. Some may have an expensive sound system that they want to remove from the home, or they may have some furniture that needs to be taken apart before moving. Some movers will assist with some or all of these steps. If you have specialized moving needs, look for a moving company that offers the full range of moving services you need.

Your experience with movers should be affordable for your budget, and you may have a predetermined amount of money you want to spend on moving services. However, you also need the move to be as streamlined as possible, and using the right combination of services will affect this. As you explore the different services offered by movers, think about which of these special services may benefit you. For more information, you may appreciate the resources available at Premiere Van Lines.