How To Use Your 5 Senses to Find a Plumbing Problem


Any home can suddenly spout a plumbing problem. Even new homes have been known to spring a leak without warning. However, many plumbing issues can be detected before they become serious home hazards in need of a Whitby plumber. Using your five physical senses, homeowners may be able to identify a water-related concern that can be easily repaired to prevent costly damage.


A damp-smelling basement or waterline area may indicate a hidden leak behind a wall or under a floor. If the leak has existed over a period of time, the smell might even be putrid, depending on the materials the water has dripped on and damaged.


Water stains on ceilings, walls, or flooring are one of the most obvious signs of a problem. A roof leak might let water drip into the home’s interior gradually, forming a stain that continues to grow, especially after a hard rain, an ice storm, or a melting snowfall. Wall stains could indicate a broken water pipe, or if it’s an outside-facing wall, a leak outside the home. Stains may be light colored with a darker border, or if they might become multi-colored with mildew.


If a wall or other area of the home’s interior feels damp, chances are it’s because of a leak. Moisture beads or perspiration might suggest internal dampness, although they could be due to other things, too. If a water stain feels damp to the touch, then it’s a current problem, not one from the past.


The trickle of a running faucet that can’t be completely turned off or the steady drip of water from a visible or unknown source highlight the problem of unwanted moisture that can accumulate to cause water-related problems, depending on the source and location. If the sound cannot be traced to an identifiable water source, it is probably a good idea to call a plumbing company for an expert investigation.


If tap water from the kitchen that is used as drinking water has a funny smell or tastes different than before, there may be a plumbing issue that has allowed the water line to become contaminated. Although this is not as common as other plumbing issues, it is something to take note of and consult a plumber about.

Water plays a vital role in every household as an indispensable commodity for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and bathing. When the plumbing system works well, everything proceeds normally. But a running toilet, clogged drain, or damp spots are a cause of concern. Except for simple fix-it problems, it may save time, money, and frustration to contact a plumbing expert for help when problems like these occur.