How to Stage Small Living Room Stylishly


The process of buying and selling a home can be challenging, as it can be exciting. You have many properties to check out for buyers, no matter what neighbourhood you visit. If you are selling, it will be a time to cover your bases and revitalize the home’s exteriors and interiors. That is where the need for staging comes into play.

Staging happens to cover the interiors of your home, particularly when it comes to the essentials. Your living room will have to be altered in a way to account for potential, interested customers. It can be easy to do this for living rooms of all sizes. With an eye for style, you can stage a small living room and make it look aesthetically pleasant.

Here is a step-to-step guide on how to stage a small living room:

1. Use proportionate living room furniture

Things that look out of place will immediately stick out, no matter how often you try to shuffle them around. If your furniture and accessories are in a cluttered space, a customer may turn their attention away from looking further. That is why you must make every move to keep things as proportionate as possible.

For instance, consider the dimensions of your small living room. If the sofa present inside does not look like it matches the interior, you’ll have to move it out. Moreover, any other accessories or furniture pieces must be moved out if you wish to keep everything aligned. A proportionate staging will ensure customers stay curious. If your current furniture doesn’t fit, you can always use furniture rental for home staging. The short-term furniture will elevate the appearance of your living room staging.

2. Stage the lighting in the living room

When selling their home, the last thing any individual wants is a darkened living room. If there is no adequate lighting inside the room, interested parties will not look better. Instead, make sure that you implement good lighting sources throughout the space.

You can virtually decide to go any route you desire, from natural lighting apparatuses to artificial sources. These types of lighting must illuminate the living room efficiently since the space is smaller compared to others. On the flip side, everything will stand out much better once the room is brightened accordingly.

3. Add plants to the living room

Many real estate professionals who conduct staging from time to time will recommend using certain techniques. These techniques, once added up, will ensure that all rooms stand out in their respective way. A key method is positioning a few house plants inside the living room.

You don’t have to go big when choosing a particular plant. Rather, use a smaller couple in proportion, and position them in a visible corner. If there are other furniture pieces nearby, the sight of foliage makes them stand out even more. It demonstrates that a little greenery goes a long way!

4. Create living room length

Since you do not have much real estate to work within this living room, you will have to simulate it. Once the staging is done right, this can be done in several cool ways. Creating length, for example, is a key technique to implement, and it should be considered for your smaller living room.

The way to conduct this accurately is to do it in a rather subtle manner. Place your curtains high on your walls, and have them just under the ceiling line. If you do it correctly, you will notice that it makes the space look taller. Experiment with this type of subtlety when possible to make those staging photos look legitimate.

5. Present a minimalistic living room

Even though you may feel inclined to inject some personality into the living room, it may be counterintuitive to do so. Rather, you should take this as an opportunity to keep things as minimalist as possible.

Use only what is needed for the staging so that you can maintain a sense of neutrality in the space. Remember, interested parties will want to imagine how their life in the space will be—keeping the living room as neutral as you can deliver a powerful message once staging is complete.

6. Add mirrors in living room

As mentioned previously, there are many techniques that you can implement to make a living room look bigger. One of those methods comes via the placement of mirrors. If you position them in a certain corner, it could make the space appear bigger.

7. Emphasize a unique living room

Every living room in a home will have its unique aspects, highlighted in some fashion. As it pertains to the staging aspect, you will want to ensure that these high points are emphasized as much as possible. Use the staging as an opportunity to guide the human eye naturally towards these points. Then, your staging will be as holistic as it can be!