How to Properly Inhale a Vape for Beginners


Vaping can be seen as a great alternative to traditional smoking in all its wondrous forms. It can be fun, from the many different flavours of e-liquid to inhalation methods. Concerning the latter, however, many users may not know exactly how to best utilize their vape.

Inhaling is a delicate process; it can be ruined if one is not careful in their setup. As a result, the vape user must know how to use their device before inhaling. That way, the inevitable inhalation and exhaling of the vapour will be sound. The following describes the most important steps to follow when inhaling vapour.

Step #1: Understand the Vape

As mentioned previously, it is pivotal for the user to first know the ins and outs of their device. Many folks rush the process just so they can get a hit in a relatively rapid fashion. This is doing yourself a disservice, especially when it comes to gaining a less-than-stellar hit. First, you should know the overall structure of your device.

The mouthpiece, for instance, is what you will place inside of your mouth to get started. The body of the vape will then be important to know concerning the power source. This will help to heat the vape juice in the tank and, thus, turn it into vapour. Then, the process of inhaling can truly begin once you are fully informed!

Step #2: The Atomizer

It is worth mentioning that the atomizer of your device can come about in many different formats. Once you explore your options, you may figure out what is best for your needs. For example, there are pre-filled options available to you. As the name implies, these come pre-filled with vape juice and are of a single-use capacity.

In addition, some atomizers also come in a refillable category. For those who don’t want to contend with disposal all of the time, you can easily refill these with e-liquid. Refillable atomizers can also come equipped with replaceable or non-replaceable coils. All of these small details add up in terms of making the experience pleasurable.

Step #3: Vape Juice Choice

The final aspect to be informed about is the actual vape juice. Vape juices can come about in a plethora of customizable options, all of which serve to make the hit satisfying. First, they can come in several flavours to your palette’s benefit. From mint to grapefruit, these flavours can be rather delectable to try out.

Moreover, e-liquids can also come in different nicotine strengths. Depending on how experienced you are, the hit you inevitably receive can be smooth or rather harsh. It all varies, especially when it comes to the hit you are seeking. Once you pick your vape’s components out, you are ready to begin.

Step #4: Mouth To Lung

The most common method of inhalation when it comes to vaping has to do with mouth-to-lung. In essence, this is a type of inhalation technique that involves slowly drawing vapour into your mouth. You can begin the process by doing so and then holding the vapour in the mouth for a few seconds.

Then, slowly, methodically, open your mouth and breathe the vapour into your lungs. As the name implies, this inhalation method works best for those seeking a standard hit. While other versions of inhalation are available, this one is recommended for beginners and veterans alike!

Step #5: Direct Lung

Regarding those aforementioned experienced vape users, a direct lung inhalation method may be ideal. It can be seen as the complete opposite of the mouth-to-lung method. To kickstart this technique, the user will quickly draw the vapour into their lungs. At that same pace, they will then exhale accordingly.

Users with larger vape devices with low-resistance coils will find this technique ideal. Moreover, the hit received will be a bit harsher, depending on how quickly the vapour was drawn in.

Step #6: Cigar Puff Method

An uncommon inhalation method has to do with the cigar puff. The inhalation method is relatively the same for those who have smoked cigars. You conduct this process by puffing on the vape, as you normally would with a cigar. The result is pleasurable, even if you think it does not work effectively.

Step #7: Experiment

Many vape users will have trouble finding that one sweet spot. So, trying out different inhalation styles is recommended before discovering what works best. Expert users will try a combination of the three methods before finding the one that suits their style!