How to Match Living Room Furniture


When styling your living room, you want all the furniture to be cohesive and fit the theme within the space. You may have a mix of pieces from old to new, but if they don’t work well together, it will look like a disjointed room with a collection of couches, chairs and tables that clash.

When designing a living room, you want it to be well-balanced. Use these trade tricks to match your living room furniture, and then enjoy the peace it brings you and your loved ones.

Are you wondering how to match living room furniture in your space? Here are the tricks of the trade to bring your room together.

Work with what you got and add more as needed

If you want to match pieces in a new living room, decide if you want to buy new items from a furniture store. Alternatively, you can reuse your old furniture. You must consider the seating heights, depths and styles of couches and chairs. Even if the same manufacturer does not make them, it’s a good match as long as they line up in these ways.

Seat Height

When having people over and sitting in your living room, you want everyone at the same eye level, so it is comfortable to have a conversation. Make sure all your furniture seating is around the same height.

Seat Depth

Seat depth is also important, so everyone is comfortable and not feeling awkward. You don’t want one person sitting in a deep chair in a lounge position while others are rigid with half their thighs hanging off the front.

Use a similar style of furniture

You want to avoid your living room looking like a doctor’s office, so it’s ok to have different types of furniture. The whole room will match as long as you keep a similar style.

Think about the heights of the back of couches and chairs, as well as their shape of them and their colours. It’s a good rule of thumb to have pieces that share two of these similarities. You can go with either:

  • Similar height and shape
  • Similar height and colour
  • Similar shape and colour

This works well as long as it isn’t in extremes like a tall-backed chair and a low-backed couch next to each other.

Begin with your favourite pieces and build from there

We all have our favourite pieces of furniture in the living room. It could be a comfortable couch or a trendy chair. It may even be a beautiful coffee table. Whatever is the most important piece you have and can’t live without, use that as a starting point.

From there, match the furniture to the hub piece and create the theme and style you are looking for. It’s easy to get lost in creating a perfectly matched living room and then find that you don’t like it.

Begin with your must-haves and then build out from there.

Furniture Arrangement

Creating that matching style is as much about the pieces you have as how you place them in the space. You want to have a good flow and the right focal points simultaneously.

If you have a fireplace in the room, you can build the arrangement around it by placing your couch in front with a coffee table as a buffer. From here, smaller pieces can be filled in, like more seating and side tables for lamps and decor. Your couch can also be the main focal point and be oriented towards a wall where the big screen is hung. If you use the space for conversation and game nights, circle the wagons around a large ottoman or coffee table so everyone can face each other.

Remember, your furniture doesn’t have to be pushed against the wall. It can live in the middle of the room to create separation and smaller zones for casual conversation between two people or a reading nook in the corner.

Tie it all together with added decor

Although your furniture is the most important item in a living room, bringing in accents will help match everything up. Here are some of the decor pieces to consider:

Area Rug

This typically lives in front of the sofa and extends into the room. Use complimentary colours and textures that connect to the rest of the furniture.


Pillows are perfect for adding comfort to your space. They also serve to link design across the space. Some colours are suited to each other and make an appealing match, regardless of where they are put, so place colour-matching pillows on your couches and chairs.


Hanging art on the walls gives your living room character and life. You can also help bring the room together with the colours and textures of design pieces like sculptures and collectibles. Choose complimenting mediums like metal, wood, clay and fabric to accessorize and amplify the design.