How to Keep Spider Webs off Your House


It can be difficult to clean every square inch when you have a house. People generally just clean their house as best as they can. There may be certain areas that are sometimes neglected. At certain times of the year, spiders become more prevalent. They may build webs, but the question is, how to keep spider webs off your house.

There isn’t one specific answer. You can do several things to get rid of spider webs and prevent spiders from building webs. Let’s look at how to keep spider webs off your house:

1. Call the exterminator

If you see a spider web, you probably have spiders in your home. Even if you do not see any, especially at the web itself, this could be because the spider has decided to abandon it and moved on to another area of your home. A spider’s web can trap other small insects and bugs, so the spider has a choice of meals!

One of the best things you can do is call an expert exterminator. The pest control expert can get rid of spiders from your home. You can then get rid of the spider’s web (or webs) and keep it that way. You can also ask the exterminator’s advice on maintaining it so that you will not have to deal with this problem in the future.

2. Clean the house

Spiders tend to hide in dark places. If you clean and dust regularly, this is one way to keep a spider’s web from forming. You probably know that certain areas of your home may be more attractive to a spider. For example, if you have a messy and old basement with a washer and dryer, chances are, there may be spiders in the area. Try to de-clutter as best as you can and keep things tidier.

Regular dusting and cleaning will prevent spiders from spinning their webs. You can also use a vacuum cleaner. Remember, if there is a web, it will probably catch prey for the spider. Get rid of the webs, and prey won’t be trapped.

3. Use peppermint oil

Spiders do not like peppermint oil. You can make a solution of peppermint oil and water and spray it in specific places in your house where you feel spiders may be present. If you can get rid of the spiders by using a peppermint oil solution, you can get rid of the web and not see another one in that area.

This solution has a strong smell, making it a good spider repellent. You can also try lavender or cinnamon after initially using peppermint. Change it occasionally so that it keeps spider webs off your house for a long time.

4. Use vinegar

If there’s one thing a spider cannot stand, it’s vinegar. Again, just like the peppermint solution, get a spray bottle and fill half of it with vinegar and half of it with water. Use this around your home. Vinegar is also a good home cleaning solution. You can even spray it on the spider!

However, use it in dark spaces or corners and high up at the ceilings, but be careful not to lose your balance if you use a ladder. Don’t spray this solution on sensitive things in your home, such as something that is varnished. Spray it in cracks as well. Get rid of the spiders, and you can get rid of spider webs and keep it that way.

5. Prevent spider webs in your house

Let’s assume that you do not have a spider problem. You can keep it this way by keeping things sealed and filling in any cracks or gaps. Door openings and window sills sometimes have cracks or gaps that allow a spider to crawl through.

Keep them at bay by sealing this properly. Sometimes, a window screen may be torn. Spiders can get through, so replace it with a new screen or mesh. If spiders can’t get through, you won’t have webs to get rid of. Prevention is better than cure, right?

6. Turn off lights in your house

Whenever possible, turn off your lights. This is not because spiders are attracted to lights, but other bugs and insects are. This is what spiders feast on. By turning off your lights, it can play a small part in stopping spiders from coming near your home. If possible, turn off the outside lights because other bugs are attracted to them. If a spider has built a web outside your home, then it has a choice of bugs to feast on.

Ultimately, you need to play your part by regular cleaning and dusting. Getting rid of spider webs is simple enough. The problem isn’t the web, and it’s the spiders. Try combining the above tips if you’d like to know how to keep spider webs off your house. Try it yourself and be diligent. If it keeps returning, then get in the professionals.