How to Find Real Estate Leads in 7 Steps


Leads are essential in the real estate sector. You are only as successful as your next lead. As such, it is important for real estate agents to constantly locate new leads.

Leads are not as challenging to find, but finding a great one will take some effort. With enough consistency and patience, you will be able to grow, no matter where you are in real estate.

Here are some tips on how to find real estate leads in seven steps:

1. Use your real estate network

First and foremost, you should always leverage the power of the people that you know. Even if you work as a solo real estate agent, you will eventually have to work with a colleague. The more you advance in your career, the more professionals you encounter. A great benefit of this is locating leads through these individuals.

Sometimes, one of your colleagues may be too busy trying to close a deal on their end. If you ask them if there are any leads they know of, they may point you towards it. All it takes is a bit of investigation on your end to succeed. Remember, two hands are better than one, no matter what role you work in!

2. Meet new real estate contacts

On the other hand, it may be in your best interest to take some time to meet new professionals. Real estate events are as common as you would think them to be. Schedule some time off, if you can, and make sure you attend these events. Bring your business card and candour, as you will have to break the ice with new professionals.

Great real estate leads are only one request away regarding growing your role. The main point about making new colleagues at these events is to also build your network. It never hurts to meet new individuals; everyone can benefit from this! Be honest with your approach, and you will be on your way.

3. Real Estate CRM

Technology has not only disrupted how traditional jobs are done but benefited it tenfold. Real estate is no exception, as there are many tools to use in your repertoire. For example, a real estate customer relationship management system will be key to have. Also known as a CRM, it can be a great means to find new leads.

A CRM for real estate agents allows you to look at past and current client relationships. If you never got a chance to follow up with a past client, this could be a great way to gain some business. All of this allows you to consolidate your relationships to build on them for the future.

4. Finetune your content

As mentioned previously, how some jobs are done today has been changed thoroughly. Real estate is no exception, especially when finding solid leads to follow up on. If you want to gain business, and who doesn’t, you will have to change how your content is posted.

Take a glance at how your content as a real estate professional is put out into the world. For instance, if you work in a real estate niche, you should edit the type of content you put out. You do not have to use every digital tool possible to locate a good lead. Eventually, clients will be coming to you for business.

5. Social Media

One of the most important digital tools to use comes in social media. Everyone is on at least one platform nowadays, especially with business tools added to each platform. Make sure that the connections you form on your chosen platforms can be leveraged for business. That way, you will not be left behind.

6. Review and analyze

It does not hurt now and again to check your progress when finding good real estate leads. Take a look at what has generated the most responses, drop the processes that haven’t, and build future workflows from there.

7. Saying thank you

At the end of the day, clients, and other connections you form, are human. You should always go the extra mile in being kind to them, whether a business is completed or not. A great number of good leads can be born simply out of genuine interaction with other human beings!