How to Clean Patio Furniture in 8 Steps


Unfortunately, patio furniture doesn’t last forever. If your current set looks old and tired, but you are not yet ready to invest in a new one, don’t despair. There are a few simple things you can do to update your tired patio furniture. Start by reading these 8 tips!

1. Clean it

Sometimes, simply cleaning patio furniture is enough to make it look brand new. If you own metal or plastic patio furniture, you can clean it with some soap and water before letting it air dry. If you have wood furniture, you need oil-based soap and water, and if you have natural wicker furniture, you need to be very gentle.

2. Make it shine

Metal patio furniture can become rusty over time. To update old metal furniture, scrub it with steel wool. Even if you don’t see any rust on your metal patio furniture, buffing it with steel wool will make it shine.

3. Paint it with spray paint

Plastic or metal patio furniture can be painted with spray paint to completely renew its appearance. You can use the colours of your choice, but be sure to use spray paint made for outdoor furniture. Other types of spray paint might not do the trick.

4. Paint or stain wood furniture

Wood patio furniture can be stained, or painted with outdoor paint. Don’t forget to sand your wood furniture before painting it, and to use a primer. Wicker patio furniture can also be painted, as long as you carefully clean it to remove any dirt stuck between the wicker fibers.

5. Paint the fabric of your patio chairs

If the fabric of your metal patio furniture looks dull, you can easily make it look bold and vibrant with some outdoor paint. Use the colours of your choice and apply them to both sides of the fabric with a painbrush. Don’t forget to use a sealant once the paint is dry.

6. Change your cushion covers

You should spot clean your outdoor cushions as soon as they get dirty. However, if you have failed to do this for some time and your cushions are now impossible to clean, a good idea to make them look brand new is to buy new cushion covers.

7. Buy new outdoor cushions

You can also opt for new outdoor cushions. There are many styles and colours available, and they can instantly transform tired patio furniture into beautiful and stylish patio furniture. Be sure to take good care of your new cushions so they will last longer.

8. Buy just one new piece

If your budget allows it, you can purchase just one new piece of patio furniture, a table, for example, that will catch the eye of everyone and perfectly compliment your clean, newly painted chairs and your new cushions. It’s an easy way to update your outdoor space without having to purchase a whole new set of patio furniture.