How to Match a Room’s Design and Style with Stucco


Stucco can do a lot in the interior of a home. The cost of applying this type of plaster job to an interior is relatively inexpensive compared to other remodeling jobs. Skilled stucco contractors could redo virtually every room in an interior with the material. The entire look could be changed as a result. Sure, new walls and ceilings absolutely are going to change looks and style. Homeowners should think about adding a few unique decorative items inside of the home. Doing so could complement the new contracting work and turn make an interior look like something right out of a Hollywood movie set.

The Roman Approach

A great deal of creativity can be put into making an interior look stunning. Complementing the new plaster work on the walls with artwork is one way to really bring things out. One interesting approach would be to add small statues or even furniture evocative of ancient Rome. No, these items do not need to be anything expensive. Rare antiques are not required. A ceramic lamp table that looks like the old pillars from Rome won’t come with a high price. The added visual value to the interior, however, will be fairly significant.

With gray of off-white stucco plaster on the walls, the look of all the unique Roman artwork or complementary accessories in the room are going to look uniquely interesting. The room definitely will look original and far from boring. Again, all of this can be achieved without spending an enormous sum of money.

A Professional Job

In order for the room, any room, to look as visually brilliant as possible a professional job must be done. “Slopping” plaster on the wall while trying to follow an online “how to” video is probably a path towards making a huge mess. Leaving the work to skilled stucco contractors would ensure the best aesthetic look is acquired. Afterward, adding various decorative and furniture accessories can be done to great effect.

Have an Idea in Mind

To make sure the visual goals of the room are met, have an idea in mind of the look that is being sought. Matching Roman or Gothic art to the wrong style of wall or ceiling work is going to be arduous. The end result probably won’t be desirable either. Hence, a good plan is best to come up with long in advance. Doing so will greatly increase the chances the final look is an impressive one.