Five Things That Make New Storage Sheds Better


If you haven’t been to a home and garden show lately, you probably don’t know about all the new features and improvements that today’s storage sheds offer. These sheds are growing in popularity. They are ideal for a homeowner’s extra storage needs.

Storage or garden sheds offer function as well as increase the appeal of your backyard. The list of things added to the basic structure of a garden shed is growing all the time. Here are the five most appealing features of new storage sheds.

1. Better floor construction

Older potting sheds were known to eventually rot out in the floor. To address this problem, todays sheds mostly come standard with treated runners and floor surfaces. Some of the builders of these sheds construct the floor with the joists on 16″ centers to make them more sturdy. You can also get 4×4 runners added to increase support. Diamond plate and treated tongue and groove floors are also available. All of these options make the floor sturdy so it doesn’t sag or need replaced later on.

2. Durability

Many new storage sheds come with long lasting 30 year shingles. You also have your choice of siding. Options include board and batten for the more rustic look, or vinyl siding for a classical style. You can still get treated plywood as a standard option. Many sheds come with up to 10 year warranties because they are constructed out of such durable materials.

3. Added structural and functional options

Storage and garden sheds can be equipped with venting in the eaves as well as with higher pitch roofs. Sheds can be upgraded to 7′ wall height as well to give you more room. You can also add functional upgrades. There are many different types of ramps available. You can opt for an overhead garage door or barn door for easy access.

4. Construction options

Today’s sheds can be either pre-built or built on site. Normally the site prep includes a pad of crushed stone for smaller structures. The shed can be ordered and then delivered to your site, reducing construction time on your property. Most shed companies offer your choice of delivery or on site construction.

5. Customized structures and accessories

If you are looking for a storage for gardening tools that also looks great in the backyard, storage sheds come with a lot of options. You can choose from dozens of windows and doors for your shed with a very large selection of colors and designs. There are also optional cupolas and weather vanes. You can even have shutters and flower boxes added for extra appeal.