Considerations before a Roof Repair Job


A roof is perhaps the most vital component of your house, particularly as it keeps water out of your home. Although every homeowner would prefer not having to replace their roofing, its functional and aesthetic benefits should help ease the pain brought on by the incurred expenses. Considering the average cost of a roof repair, you should ensure your roofers perform a thorough job. Below is a list of five essential things you should know.

1. Shop around
Some roofing contractors do not worry so much when it comes to customer satisfaction since homeowners need the services they offer once every few decades. As such, roofers rarely count on repeat business. It is also notable that because most homeowners mistakenly select roofers based on price, many roofing contractors engage low-wage workers to have the ability to deliver low bids. As such, you must be extremely careful when hiring. Get references from trustworthy neighbors, friends, tradespeople, or lumber yards and check the websites of a few major roofing manufacturers.

2. Strip away the old
Having two layers of asphalt shingles is permitted, meaning you can install a new layer on top of the old one if you had only one in place. Although such an installation eliminates the possibility of your roofing contractor inspecting and repairing the decking and flashing underneath, it helps you to save as much as $1,000 and involves comparatively less mess. If the climate in your area of residence is cold, stripping away the old roof makes it possible for your roofer to install ice and water shield, which is a rubber membrane that prevents leaks at the eaves in the case of ice buildup.

3. Go top shelf
Apart from giving you some extra selling points when you are ready to move, going for top-quality products eliminates the possibility of future worries about your roofing. The result of using top-quality products more than justify the additional costs you will incur. You should, therefore, opt for 50-year-shingles, especially since these particular type of shingles come with the longest available warranty, and copper flashing since it is the most durable metal when it comes to sealing roof joints.

4. Pay attention to the paperwork
Apart from costing a lot of money, a roof repair also involves tremendous amounts of liability. As such, paying extra attention to the paperwork is important. The most important documents when it comes to roofing include a building permit, written contract, and a letter from your roofer’s insurance carrier addressed to you, confirming your contractor’s worker compensation and liability plan covers that particular project.

5. Pay nothing until you see the magnet
Approximately 10,000 nails came with the process of stripping away an old roof, most of which land on your lawn or driveway. As such, professional roofing contractors use a giant magnet on wheels to effectively pick these nails, ensuring they do not cause either injuries or flat tires. However, workers rarely remember to bring this magnet to the job site. If you notice any nails around, then your roofer did not use the magnet. Ensure they do before you make your final payment. There are additional resources at Cherry & Clark Roofing, which may help you learn more information.