Building A Cabana? 6 Things You Need To Keep in Mind


You love your home, but you want to extend the use of your property to build a beautiful cabana. You can make it as fancy or simple as you like, but there are some basic factors you’ll need to consider before you begin.

It’s Purpose


Cabanas are customized structures used to protect people from the rain and sun. They can be used for a little getaway, to extend the use of the house, to entertain or provide a place for your guests to stay.

-Think of what your cabana will be used for and what type of structure would be most suitable for that. For example, if you want to create an outdoor movie room, you will need to ensure that your TV and other electrical items won’t get wet.

A Plan


-Consider whether you want your cabana to be attached to the house or if you want it far from the house. If you want it attached to the house, you’ll need to consider how the structure will affect your roofing, siding and other surfaces.

-You will need to think about permits and building things according to code. There are restrictions on areas with earthquakes, tornados and hurricanes, and you want to be safe in case anything were to happen.



-If you have wind that typically comes in from one direction, you might want to create a wall there or otherwise divert the wind.

-You will need to make a way to anchor your cabana so that it doesn’t become damaged or have bits of it fly away. During vicious winds, flying debris can be fatal.

-If you’re not creating a foundation for your cabana, you will need to dig at least 14 inches down for your posts, and use concrete for these.

Rain and Water

weather proof

-If you live in a rainy area or get monsoonal weather, it’s worth checking into waterproof or water resistant materials.

-Look into roofing procedures and how to make a watertight roof. If you’re going to include walls on any side, you will need to know how to protect these from water damage.

-A raised deck by Royal Decks can help to keep standing water out of the cabana.



-With building anything, you need suitable materials. You can use softwood, but harder woods last longer and are more durable.

-Your roof, the elements and other conditions that are specific to the region you live in may require you to build with water-resistant materials. Avoid drywall and other surfaces that can become water damaged.



-You have to be extra careful with pests when it comes to cabanas. Mice, snakes, insects and other pests, or any animal for that matter, are more likely to take advantage of a cabana because they’re, at least, partially open, and they’re easier to get into.

-Pest-proof your cabana as much as possible. Don’t leave food out, use pressure-treated wood to prevent termite infestation, and try to deter pests that are common to your region.

Building anything takes preparation, but don’t let it stress you out. Once you figure out what you like and cover your bases on how to build it, the rest is relatively easy. Have fun.