9 Steps on How to Get Rid of Apartment Smell Easily


If that’s the first thing you or a guest asks when you walk into your apartment, it might be time to finally perform a full, in-depth, and detailed cleaning of your home. The garbage bin or the dirty floors – it is time to grab a pair of gloves, a container of Lysol wipes, and a bucket of hot soapy water. You need to give your apartment a cleaning that has ever been done before.

Everybody wants their luxury housing to smell good, like a bouquet of flowers, a coffee shop, or a sanitised room. But life can sometimes prevent that from happening, whether you are too tired to maintain the cleanliness of your fortress of solitude or your cat decided to do its business on the living room floor. No matter what transpires, it is imperative that you prevent odours from forming. This way, you can always have an apartment that smells good all year round.

So, how do you get rid of the apartment smell? Follow these nine steps on how to make your apartment smell good:

1. Remove Your Garbage Regularly

Removing your garbage is an important step on how to make an apartment smell good. When you live in an apartment, it can be hard to escape the foul odours of your garbage. You try to conceal it in a garbage can under your kitchen sink, but it still travels and seeps into every nook and cranny of your humble abode. This makes your entire home smell bad, and it can be hard to de-odourise. So, what’s the solution? That’s easy: Remove your garbage regularly!

2. Wash Your Floors

Your shoes, your dog’s paws, or your dinnertime food – your floors go through a lot. Indeed, you might not notice the stains on the floor’s surface, but they are there – and they need to be cleaned. At least once a week, it would be a good idea to wash your floors with an anti-bacterial soap, from the bathroom to the hallway to the kitchen. By mopping your floors, you can prevent the buildup of bacteria.

3. Deodorise with Dryer Sheets

It is a simple trick that many households utilised decades ago to keep the home smelling clean all the time. Here is what you do: Use dryer sheets.

Bounce or generic brand – dryer sheets can be a powerful tool in your war on odour. You can place dryer sheets in front of your fan, in your sock drawer, in your closet, and any other location in your home that can lead to a broader and more pleasant smell.

4. Replace Your Trash Can

Unless you wash your trash can repeatedly, which many consumers do not, you should replace your trash can at least once a year. Your trash contains so much bacteria that it can eventually be impossible to sanitise it. Therefore, replacing your trash can is the sole answer to a lot of your problems.

Moreover, if you choose to replace your trash can, be sure to adopt a new way of maintenance. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Wash your trash can frequently.
  • Wipe the lid down with a Lysol wipe.
  • Throw in a couple of dryer sheets on the bottom.
  • Insert a liner inside the garbage bin.

5. Have Carpets? Sprinkle Baking Soda

While carpets are great to have, they can be nearly impossible to maintain, especially if you have children or pets. But not all hope is lost. All you need to do to ensure your carpets can smell and look better is to sprinkle some baking soda. That’s all. Then, after a few minutes by, vacuum your carpets.

6. Empty the Kitty Litter Daily

When was the last time you emptied the kitty litter? Look, let’s face it, nobody likes to do the litter box, but it is a household chore that needs to be performed on a routine basis. Unfortunately, if it doesn’t get done, the box will radiate an unpleasant odour and travel throughout the household.

In addition to emptying the kitty litter every day, you can also purchase a baking soda deodoriser manufactured specifically for litterboxes.

7. Votive Candles with Coffee Beans

Who doesn’t love the aroma of coffee and the pleasant sight of votive candles? Well, why not combine the two?

Wait a minute… You can do that? Of course, and it generates a subtle smell that will add that nice touch to your humble abode.

So, what do you do? Here are some steps:

  • Find a container, mason jar, or coffee cup.
  • Fill it up with coffee beans.
  • Put a votive candle in the centre.
  • Light the candle.

By the end, you have a delicious and quiet scent around your home.

8. Clean Up Your Mess Right Away

How many times have you forgotten to clean up that spill on the floor in the dining room? Or what about the hallway that was engulfed in your dog’s dirty paws? Put simply, many of us fail as cleaning up our mess right away. Hey, you’re tired, so it’s understandable. But bacteria, germs, and odours will not be as empathetic to your day-to-day plight.

In the end, it is imperative to try to muster up as much as energy as you can and clean up your mess almost immediately!

9. Allow Fresh Air to Circulate in Your Home

Once in a while, open up all your windows and allow the fresh air to circulate in your home. You may not achieve much when it is 40 degrees Celsius out there, but when it is a cool autumn or spring day, open all your windows for the entire day and let the fresh air and natural smell infiltrate your property.