7 Reasons to Pick White Oak Hardwood Flooring


In the North American market, white oak is a favorite wood species used in hardwood flooring. There are numerous reasons for its popularity. Let’s discuss 7 of the most important reasons white oak could be the right hardwood flooring material for your home, whether you’re preparing to renovate an established residence or build a brand new residential structure.

1. White Oak Accepts Stains and Finishes Easily

A wood floor made of white oak boards can easily be stained or painted any color you desire. This is because white oak’s unique cell structure makes this wood an ideal surface for staining and painting. In contrast, there are numerous other hard woods such as maple that do not take stain so easily. If you’re interested in finishing your flooring on site or taking the do-it-yourself approach to refinishing your flooring, white oak is an excellent choice of flooring materials for these purposes.

2. White Oak’s Appearance Can Change With Changing Trends

Sometimes dark-coloured floors are trendy, and sometimes light-coloured floors are the top style in demand. Either way, white oak floors are customizable to be current with the latest flooring colour trends. Currently, a bleached or chalky appearance is in style, and white oak is a top choice for wood flooring that can be finished in this type of style.

3. White Oak Can Complement Homes Built in Almost Any Architectural Style

It doesn’t matter whether you’re renovating an historic home in a period style, creating an up-to-date transitional environment inside a traditional style home, or building a home in a brand new style. In any case, white oak is an appropriate choice of flooring materials. White oak can assume any style personality you want it to, and it can be finished in ways that make it harmonize with just about any type of environment.

4. White Oak Is Hard, Durable and Long-Lasting

White oak is harder than many other woods, including red oak, pine, cherry and walnut. This hardness makes it a long-lasting and durable choice for flooring.

5. White Oak Flooring Is Easy to Maintain

Nothing special is needed to perform maintenance on hardwood flooring made of white oak. You just need to give it an occasional light scrubbing with a mixture of water and wood floor cleaner.

6. White Oak Flooring Is Beautiful

Some woods are prettier than others, and most homeowners agree that white oak flooring is especially beautiful.

7. White Oak Flooring Is Highly Sought After by Both Renters and Home Buyers

If you’re buying a home for investment purposes or simply want to keep your future options open, wood flooring is an asset that will work to your advantage. Just about any type of wood flooring is desirable, but white oak offers proven ability to add value to homes, help them rent faster and help them sell faster.

These are 7 excellent reasons to choose white oak wood flooring for your home. While there are many wonderful wood species to consider, it’s hard to go wrong with a white oak floor. For more information, visit the Relative Space website.