7 Best Candy Packaging Ideas for Retail


When it comes to keeping certain products housed efficiently and creatively, candy is one product that can vary. Our favourite confectionaries can be packaged through different means, each of which can be desirable to the human eye. You will have to, as a result, ensure you experiment with your imagination.

Since there are so many candies and packaging ideas, you have a lot of room to use your creativity. Start with one product first, and sketch out some potential packaging ideas for the product. Sooner or later, your favourite sweets will be on their respective shelves, ready to be sold quickly.

Check out these seven best candy packaging ideas for your retail store:

Packaging Idea #1: Candy Bags

Bags are one of the most versatile packaging types available due to how accessible it is for the consumer. However, despite being one of the best types on the market, it can also be quite boring. That is why it is important to see how you take its visual appearance up to the next level.

For example, bags can be given a tag to indicate the product’s ingredients. Or you can also get much fancier with it by placing your candies in a certain way. Some candies can be stacked and then be placed in a bag and wrapped accordingly. This looks appealing to the customer’s eye and could reflect nicely in your sales.

Packaging Idea #2: Candy Boxes

If bags are one of the most common candy packaging types to know about, boxes can be seen as equal. Candy boxes are as old as time itself, and they are constantly being reinvented to match the times we are in. If you are trying to use boxes for your specific confectionaries, use your product as the foundation.

Then, your box should reflect the candied product you are trying to sell. A great example of this is shown in Lindt’s product line-up. Confectionaries are placed in a box, to which the box is adorned with luxury-based fonts and imagery. You also also work with a company like Rootree to do high-end designs for your candy packaging. This presents a high-quality appeal to the customer and can be extremely beneficial for the long term.

Packaging Idea #3: Candy Tins

On the other hand, a tin-based or metal box could also be worth your while when experimenting with packaging. Tins are also used in the same vein as their cardboard counterparts, but for a different reason. For example, some candies may have an expiration date to know about.

Tins are made out of a metal-based material and can preserve the lifespan of your candies without fail. Of course, this will depend on what sort of tin you are vying for, but it can still be worth investing in. Plus, tin boxes are no more expensive than cardboard alternatives for those looking for their cost expectations.

Packaging Idea #4: Custom Gift Tags

Candy does not have to be sold in an abundance of products, especially if you test out certain products. If this is the case for your product line-up, you’ll need to package your sweets in a specific way. Customizable gift tags are the way to go in this light and can be beneficial in numerous ways.

For instance, if you have one candy to test out, use your gift tags to wrap it up. Then you can write on the label that comes with the gift tag if sent to someone. Gift tags are extremely helpful, as they don’t take a lot of effort in terms of packaging. You can always move on to something more practical once you are satisfied with your test results.

Packaging Idea #5: Candy Wrapping

One of the most classic packagings of candied sweets comes via the traditional plastic wrapper. A plastic or aluminum-based wrapper will be an efficient way to go from lollipops to chocolate bars. It also happens to be very cost-effective and inexpensive to use for large quantities of candy.

The key here is to use visuals and colours that draw in your customers. Make sure to use vibrant imagery to evoke a sense of curiosity in your consumers. That way, when they come in for a closer look, it could quickly translate into a sale. Younger kids love this type of packaging, after all!

Packaging Idea #6: Round Bottles

Seasonal favourites, such as candy canes, are generally packaged in rounded bottles. Not only can this be a great way to keep them safe, but it also increases visibility. Customers are far more likely to purchase if they see the product.

Packaging Idea #7: Zip Bags

Freshness is also a factor to consider regarding specific types of your favourite confectionaries. Zip bags, as a result, will be the best type of packaging to use in this light for persevering them!