6 Ways to Save Money on Your Home Renovation


You don’t need a huge bank account to remodel your home. In fact, with a few clever tricks and shortcuts, you can save yourself a lot of money when you’re replacing those countertops or adding that spare bedroom. Here are just a few ways to hold onto your cash while making home renovations.

1. Shop for Clearance Items

This is the easiest way to cut costs during a remodel, especially if you aren’t married to a particular material type. For example, porcelain is much less expensive than custom-cut mosaic limestone, so think about remodeling your bathroom with the former and not the latter. You’ll save money with each meter.

2. Know the Lingo

Much like buying a car, you need a certain amount of knowledge to be taken seriously by suppliers and manufacturers. If you can toss around phrases like “unit pricing” and “volume discounts,” they’ll know that you’re serious about getting a deal. Do your homework before you go shopping for home improvement supplies.

3. Look for Discontinued Appliances

Are you in the market for a new refrigerator? If the SX100 models are being replaced by the SX101 ones, go ahead and grab the cheaper option. You can save hundreds of dollars when you buy discontinued appliances that stores are trying to phase out, and as long as they’re from the same brand or product line, their installation and tech support should be pretty similar.

4. Work With Your Contractors

You’d be surprised by the deals that you can strike with your home improvement contractors if you just ask. Don’t be afraid to inquire about sales, discounts, special prices and package deals for new clients. The worst they can do is say no, and you won’t lose anything with the question alone.

5. Cut Corners for Vanity

While you shouldn’t take any shortcuts with “big” things like plumbing, it’s perfectly fine to cheat a little when it comes to vanity items. For example, who will be able to tell that you applied stainless steel stickers to your taps? They look just like the real thing, but they only cost half as much.

6. Think About Long-Term Value

Windows provide natural light that won’t run up your utility meter, so they might be a better long-term investment than a new light fixture. Energy-saving appliances might cost a little more initially, but they’re fantastic for lowering your monthly bills over a period of time. Don’t get so wrapped up in saving money today that you forget about the expenses of tomorrow.

These are just a few ways to save money on home renovations. Whether you’re building a whole new attic or just fixing that windowless hallway, these tips should help you get one step closer to living in your dream home.