6 Ways to Prepare Your Deck for Winter


Are you stuck on how to prep your deck for winter? We have tips and suggestions on how you can keep your deck looking crisp and clean throughout the year, especially during winter. Below are some basic things you can do to keep your deck looking good during the winter season.

1. Clear Debris and Dirt

During summer, a lot of debris and dirt find its way onto your deck. So, as a first step, make sure your deck does not have any dirt or debris. You will have to scrub out those stains, remove mould, rust and leaves to keep your deck clean and tidy.

If not clean, debris and dirt could end up clogging your drainage and result in mould and moisture buildup. Clean your deck before the onset of winter. If you wait until winter starts, the accumulated dirt and debris will make your task very difficult. Besides, once the snow melts, rot and mould could seriously impair the efficiency of your drains.

2. Use a Premium Deck Cleaning Solution

Your deck needs a thorough wash. For this, you will need a hose, a strong brush and a premium cleaning solution. Follow the instructions on the label on how to effectively remove dirt or mould stains from your deck.

3. Inspect Your Deck for Signs of Wear and Tear

Before the onset of winter, make sure the structure of your deck is solid. Inspect it for loose railings or nails that are sticking out, or cracked boards. Make sure your deck’s surface is in good condition. Check to see if it has signs of rot and warping. Also, inspect your deck to see if it has split wood.

Failure to address these issues before winter could result in repair emergencies during winter. Always remember that a stitch in time saves nine. Making sure that all those minor issues are attended to before winter commences will keep your deck clean and safe during the entire season.

4. Look for Peeling Paint

If you see peeling paint, attend to it immediately by applying a strip of tape across it and then yank it out. While peeling paint or stain is not a big issue, during winter, it is likely that water or mould will get to the wood beneath. It is therefore important to inspect your deck to make sure the paint is not peeling off.

After yanking out the peeled or stained area, perform a deck re-stain, which involves scraping off the aged material, and then apply a new coat of paint. You should use paint that has been approved for outdoor wood protection. If you have an expansive deck, you hire a professional painter and use your time for more productive work.

5. Replace Weak Railings

If you can shake or wiggle your railing any way you want, it is too weak. Take it down and get a replacement.

6. Replace Broken or Scratched Glass

Installing glass in your deck’s railing is a great idea. However, replacing the glass is not an easy task. It involves taking apart parts of the wood holding the glass in place before you can replace the panes. If the glass is scratched or cracked, call a professional to help, unless you are a professional yourself. Besides cleaning your deck and removing debris, inspect your deck glass for scratches and cracks. Minor scratches can withstand the winter season, but cracks can be potentially dangerous.

One of the reasons to prepare your deck for the winter is to make sure it does not sustain avoidable damage. The other is to keep it safe and prevent potential hazards to your family and friends.