5 Top Patio Trends For 2018


2018 ushers in the year of outdoor living. More people want, and demand extended living space over the patio and beyond. This method adds critical room for expansion in increasingly cramped houses.

Decks play a major role in 2018 patio trends. Royal Decks is a valuable resource for implementing ideas into plans. An outdoor living area has the amenities of a regular room. Sometimes, an outdoor patio enclosed in glass contains a big screen TV, fireplace and much more.

1. Use Your Plain Patio as A Blank Canvas


  • A bare patio just begs for a makeover. Pergolas over all or part of your patio deck add endless options for outdoor living.
  • Outdoor furniture is the absolute latest rage. Outdoor furniture now comes in a variety of materials that survive the elements.
  • Extend your master bedroom onto a patio deck. It expands your living space beyond the boundaries of your home.

2. Create Staging Areas Using Color

  • Bright spots of color are part of outdoor trends this year. Use pots of colorful flowers to accent table and elevated deck areas.
  • The year’s most popular colors are coastal colors in multiple shades of blue, ivory, parchment and graphite grays. Waterproof cushions of every size come in those colors as well as many more. Sofas and chairs have the same texture as indoor furniture but use practical fabrics to repel water.
  • Retro colors using natural wood and rattan are popular this year.

3. Layer Your Deck

  • Use your bare patio to design terraced decks whether you have lots of land or live in a limited space. Stepped decks add the illusion of a larger space within a small patio.
  • Utilize steps as storage areas to double their value. Store tools, pool or spa chemicals and other items that are not safe to store in plain sight.
  • Large yards leave endless options for decks that branch out into circles. Use steps to connect these separate gathering spots for large numbers of guests.

4. Move Indoor Living Outside.

Move Indoor Living Outside.

  • Using the same color schemes as the family room, make a seamless transition to the patio. If you live in a cooler climate, consider an enclosed patio room. Glass enclosures give an open, outdoor feel to your extended room.
  • Hammocks are in big favor right now. Just as a hanging swing is extremely popular, hammocks add a cozy feel to your backyard patio. Loop the ends over sturdy posts and use the hammocks as colorful decor when they are not in use.
  • Cooking areas are one trend with staying power. Grills and stoves dominate the outdoor living market. Often, incorporating a fireplace adds to the ambiance.

5. Get Back to Nature with Your Patio Garden

Patio Garden

  • Whether you use containers, raised beds or simply plant your garden in the ground, gardens are a trend that is here to stay.
  • Do not be afraid to go vertical with your garden. One trend uses an outside wall of your home to build vertical gardens. Others use Pergolas and built-in steps designated for plants.
  • Enlist the help of a professional to design a deck with vertical levels to grow a garden. Using planters or container gardens is immensely popular this year. Pair stone with wood for a stunning effect.

Outdoor furniture with durable fabric, strategically placed bright spots of color and extending living space to the patio deck and beyond are the trendiest of the trends for 2018. Include an outdoor kitchen to complete your patio.