5 Steps to Keep Your Furnace Working This Winter


Are you frightened of the upcoming winter season? You don’t have to be if you have a dependable furnace in your home.

If you do, you’re shielded from the harsh elements of winter. If not, get ready to store your nuts because winter is coming!

So, how exactly can you guarantee your furnace will succeed in doing its job in the next few months?

Here are five tips for keeping your furnace working this winter:

1. Conduct a Visual Test

You can determine if something is in great shape, or at the very least working, by conducting something as simple as a visual eye test. This isn’t complex or require any strenuous effort.

So, how does it work? That’s easy enough: take a look at the furnace.


Prior to either repairing your furnace or figuring out if you need to call an expert, you should give it the quick visual inspection. Here are some things you should look for:

  • Is the venting pipe fastened and angled?
  • Are the drainage tubes secured?
  • Does the furnace look like it can work for another year?
  • Have you noticed any leaks anywhere on the furnace?

And then there’s a smell test, which you’ll notice right away. If you smell rotten eggs, then there’s a leak.

2. Is Your Furnace Filter Clean?

A furnace filter is a critical tool in preventing dust, debris, and hair from clogging your furnace. If the filter is engulfed in these harsh elements, your furnace will be working overtime to pass air through the covered filter. And this applies pressure to the furnace, causing it to work less efficiently.

So, simply put: you need to maintain your filter on a monthly basis by washing it. Or, if you wish to ensure your home is clean, especially if you have pets or near a heavy-trafficked area, then you should replace it ever couple of months or so.

This way, you will have impeccable air quality in the home.

3. Get Regular Tune-Ups

To ensure you have superb efficiency during the winter months, it would be a prudent step to have furnace inspected by a professional every couple of months and then have it tuned up annually. By doing, you can feel confident that your furnace is in good enough shape to keep you comfortable.

4. Insulation from an Interior Décor Standpoint

Do you know the best way to insulate against drafts? Use interior décor to achieve this objective.

Everything from area rugs to curtains to mats, there are multiple items you can utilize to ensure that your home is warm, as well as soundproofed!

Interior décor can be a big help in sustaining your furnace during the terrible November-to-April (or May) period.

5. Dust & Debris Will Cause Havoc

Again, it is essential to highlight just how must dust, debris, and dirt can wreak havoc on your home. To circumvent this problem, here is what you do, according to the industry experts:

  • Grab a soft-tipped paint brush.
  • Apply it to the inner parts of the furnace.
  • Loosen the dust and debris.
  • Grab a vacuum and remove the excess.


You need to understand just how much dirt and debris can damage your furnace and your home.

Your home’s furnace is essential every winter. As Old Man Winter makes his triumphant – but unwelcomed – return, he will attempt to make you uncomfortable – very uncomfortable. Your best line of defense is your furnace, and this starts by taking proper care of your furnace not just in the winter, but all year around. You can incorporate these recommendations into your routine and remain confident that you will have a reliable furnace.