5 Popular Types of Dining Room Tables


If you are in the market for a new dining room table, you have probably noticed that there are more types than you originally thought. This most definitely makes your choice a little more complicated. Below are 5 types of dining room tables and their advantages. Being cognizant of them will help you in your decision.

1. Wood

Wood dining tables are usually made of materials such as pine, maple, mahogany, and walnut.

When it comes to durability, a wood dining table tops many other materials. While the materials listed will resist the wear and tear that can occur from years of using your table, MDF and plywood are not as strong. Wood dining tables can also add a great degree of charm to your room. This is because the wood can feature many different designs and grains whether it be light or dark in the colour of the material or stain. The wood used to manufacture a dining room table is versatile, guaranteeing it will match and flow with any other living room furniture.

2. Metal

When dining tables are made out of steel, wrought iron and aluminum are the materials usually used. While usually used for outdoor furniture sets, metal dining room tables have gained in popularity because of how modern they look.

Metal dining room tables are beneficial because they are stain-resistant, guaranteeing nothing will penetrate the surface and it will look great for many years. They are easy to clean if spills occur, only requiring you to wipe up with a damp cloth. The surface of metal tables are also extremely durable, making them ideal for families with smaller children who may be rough on them.

3. Glass

Glass dining room tables consist of a piece of glass that sits atop the legs of the table. The glass can feature many different textures and designs. It can also either have translucent (frosted) glass or regular glass that freely allows light to shine through it.

Glass dining tables are purchased by many homeowners because they add character and seem to open up the space they are placed in, making it look larger. The tops of the tables are water-resistant, making maintenance of them extremely easy. Many people think that glass tables are easier to break however this is a myth. During the manufacturing process, the glass is formed at high temperatures and then cooled, making it durable and more resistant to breaking.  

4. Marble

While marble is thought to be a material more suitable for countertops, they are popular for dining room tables as well.

Marble dining tables are popular because of how elegant they are. With so many colours and designs to choose from, you can usually find one that matches your tastes or designs and colours already in the space you will be putting it in. The surface of marble dining tables is durable and are very easy to clean. With the right type of polish, your marble table will look amazing, providing a shine that will bring out the glimmer of the natural stone.

5. Laminate

Laminate surfaces are popular for flooring in houses, but they have also proven to be a great option for dining room tables. These tables are manufactured with multilayered wood construction topped with different types of designs and colours.

Laminate dining tables are durable, allowing you to clean the surface with a suitable solution without worrying about damage. Compared to real wood, it is more impact resistant. This means that if something is accidently dropped on it, it will not crack or break.