5 Easy Ways to Care for Your Plumbing System


There are few things that feel more helpless than when your plumbing system suffers a devastating blow and is rendered inoperable.

What do you do then? How long will it take to fix? What will the cost be? All questions that can be answered by your local plumber, but you’re still in a tough situation, nonetheless. All in all, it would be far better to simply avoid those issues altogether, right? Utilizing these five plumbing system care tips might just help you avoid a dreaded call to the plumber, or at least make their job much easier when they do have to be called.

1. Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners

When you’re left with a clogged drain, you’ll generally do whatever it takes to unclog it. The simple solution is to just run down to the store and grab some drain clearer, of course. However, the easy answer isn’t the right one, unfortunately, as chemical drain clearing products will actively hurt your pipes, plus they will not actually remove all of the problem. This leaves an opportunity for it to come back, in which you will use more drain cleaner, further damaging your pipes. The best course of action is to simply hire a plumber to snake the drain, or do it yourself, if you have the right tools and knowledge to do so.

2. Mind the Drains

Clogs generally do not just pop up out of nowhere. There is always something clog worthy that has made its way down your drain, so being mindful of what goes down the drain is a key part of preventing future clogs. Grease, hair, and food scraps are just a few things that shouldn’t be going down the drain. Of course, accidents do happen and it’s hard to be mindful of everything, so installing screens over your drains is a smart move that can significantly reduce harmful things from infecting your pipes.

3. Lower the Water Pressure

Everyone loves great water pressure, especially during a shower or when filling a cooking pot, but the pipes aren’t huge fans of high pressure. The higher the pressure, the more stress is placed on the pipes. The more stress there is, the more likely it is that you’ll suffer plumbing issues in the future. While that shower water is satisfying with more pressure, but keeping the water pressure at an acceptable level is probably better for you in the long run.

4. Hard Water

The term “Hard Water” is in reference to water that has a high mineral content. Minerals in water can significantly shorten the lifespan of your plumbing, which is something you’d generally like to avoid. However, how can you really go about “softening the water?” Well, the most that you can really do is hire a plumber to install a water softener. This can be a pretty pricey installment, but the health of your plumbing system will make it worth it in the end.

5. Keeping the Sewer Lines and Septic Tank Clear

If you have sewer lines, hiring a plumber to snake the main sewage cleanout every few years can remove tree roots that will typically work their way into the pipes. This can lead to some pretty messy sewage backups, so it’s certainly a good thing to keep in mind on occasion. If you have a septic tank, however, having it pumped out every few years can save you a lot of plumbing related headache in the future. It will certainly help keep your plumbing system healthy, at least.